Friday, August 28, 2009

Living, learning, dying and then some

Beautiful ceremony held for Erin today. Can't believe I am saying that, but it was. The new priest at St. Mary's is a humble and good man. The ceremony was done very well. Those of us not Catholic did not feel condemned to hell. It was nice to hear the voices come together to bid Erin farewell.

Family and friends adorned her coffin with messages, a tradition in their family. Notes of love, messages of hope, offerings of condolence. Hellos, good-byes, hold-my-place, pick a good spot! Please watch over us, guide our steps, be our angel, we will miss you, we do miss you, and one or two pleading, "come back". Through the tears, Erin stories told of a smiling girl with a heart of gold. She brought her family and friends much delight. She lived her life well. Even if it was short, she lived it well. Erin's motto: Live as if you will die tomorrow, learn as if you will live forever. Although Ghandi may have said it, Erin lived it.

For friends who knew Julie & Ed but couldn't be there: just wanted to let you know they are doing well. They were sad, of course, but looked at peace. For whatever blessing, they seemed to understand something. They could enjoy the eulogy, enjoy the pleasure their daughter brought to others as well as themselves. Surrounded by family and friends, they are okay for today. Please, remember to send cards in the weeks and months ahead. Any little note will do, just letting them know you are sharing the burden with them, even if for a moment.

Straight from the funeral reception I went to the special Port session. Hell's bells! Someone needs to be taken to the woodshed! Or maybe just a good old fashioned blanket party!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not so fine

For NCO I edit stories coming over flash alert, sort of like a police scanner for the computer. One of the things I fear, as these stories come across, is seeing a tragic story of a loved one. Late last night Cowlitz County Sheriff's department posted a near drowning at Yale Lake, in the Cougar Campground. The victim appeared to be our cousins' daughter.

It was 12:45 am and not the time to be calling anyone so I went to facebook, first, to see if any family on that side were up. No one. Then I sent a text to closest sister-in-law who texts. Not expecting a reply until morning I was startled when a text came back asap. She asked for details and I gave her what had been released so far. She said she would check it out as soon as she could, but odds were it was cousin's child as age matched and she lived in Vancouver.

With this morning's update we learned our cousins lost their child. She was 24 years young. No one understands exactly what happened, yet. At the beginning of this month we celebrated our 30 year reunion with these cousins, last weekend it was their parent's 60th wedding anniversary and by the end of this month we come together, again, for a funeral.

This week was a bad one, for me, on looking at humanity. Lies wisp out of mouths, gathering like a plume of smoke, and then suddenly dissipate. Who told the lie? Where did it come from? Who knows? Sadly, I am pretty sure I do. Waiting for PIRs to come in. Small hope holding out, I may be wrong.

So much to report on this weekend. All the good that is going on in our community: Air Fair; Miss Virginia Walk; Miss Vivian Contest, Trap Door story telling; The Oney's BBQ and, yet. I just want to curl up in a ball and weep. News overload. No room left for anything more to enter.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Looking Fine Class of '79

WOW! What an evening. Blast from the past and all of that jazz. It was sooo good seeing so many friends, and catching up with people. Funny how people's perceptions of one another are so different than one's own perception.

I thought everyone looked great. A few had a lot less hair than I thought they would. Hubby and I behaved ourselves, didn't embarass one another with stories. I did let the one story slip. You know, the bowling story where I pinched him and he thought his good friend of 15 years had come out of the closet and pinched him in the bowling alley! But he wasn't annoyed with me, and I did ask permission first!

I was pleasantly surprised with some compliments and it was fun seeing hubby kibitz with his good friends and some gals flirt with him who weren't aware that we were together (or maybe they were and didn't care?). God, I love that man. He paid me a few compliments himself, and would look up and wink at me throughout the evening. It is so very nice when the man you are married to is just so much more than your husband. I am lucky and blessed.

So many of the gals in our class look darn good. Yeah, I know I am prejudiced, but it is hard to see that we are almost 50. But then again, often its just plain hard to see.

Eldest helped me to get ready tonight. She straightened my hair and then defoliated me. Yeah, I said that. She was intently staring at my face as she straightened my hair and then asked me if I knew that I had a tree growing out of my chin. I asked her to take a chainsaw to it. She used tweezers and derooted it, felt like she was pulling it out of my back teeth! "HOW did you miss that one, and that one, and O MY GOD, did you get any of them?" I thought I had got them ALL!

So, um, yeah, like I was saying everyone LOOKED great last night. And I am really looking forward to tonight.