Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby Blues

From Family
Our third grandchild and first granddaughter was born 7/8/09 at 1:17 am. The clock in the delivery room said 1:23:45 HOWEVER we found out that it was five minutes fast, supposedly. We were hoping for 12:34:56 on 7/8/9. What we should have been praying for is the one thing families have been praying for since recorded history has begun: health.

Asiya Lynn was taken to neo-natal care (infant icu) barely 24 hours after being born. She has some sort of infection, according to slides taken by Silverton Birthing Center shortly after her shallow breathing became apparent. She was transfered to Salem hospital on Friday after preliminary results on the culture grown from slides taken showed signs of bacterial growth. Jaundice set in, as well.

Baby girl was put under light therapy for jaundice as well as given IV drip with high dosages of antibiotics. News at the Salem hosp it that all blood workups show no sign of internal infection. X-rays showed fluid in the lungs and excellent response to antibiotics. Asiya is downing 40-60 ml of breast milk every two hours. Salem doctor told us Asiya will be going home Tuesday.

Then, other shoe drops, final results come back from Silverton slide culture. THOSE results show Group G strep! Salem says it MUST do spinal to ensure no internal infection. Little five day old precious baby girl is right now enduring spinal. I want to throw up.

We will hear results this evening, supposedly. However, at this point, until that little girl is safely at home it will be hard to believe any medical opinion.

We are all so tired we cannot imagine what Asiya's mommy & daddy are feeling right now.

Prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes, etc... deeply appreciated.